Tourist Guides of Sanuki City

Sanuki City Overview

Sanuki City is situated in the eastern part of Kagawa Prefecture. It incorporated on April 1, 2002 when the five towns of Tsuda, Okawa, Shido, Sangawa, and Nagao consolidated into one. The city’s population is 52,637 with 20,253 households (data current as of March 31, 2012). The city’s area is 149.9 ㎢ (data current as of March 31, 2012).

In the northern part of Sanuki City is Tsuda no Matsubara (the Tsuda Pine Grove), which is famous for its white sands and green pines, as well as Ohkushi Nature Park, a place of natural beauty where you can take in a magnificent view of the Seto Inland Sea. In the southern part of Sanuki City is Miroku Nature Park, where you can enjoy the flowers that bloom throughout the changing seasons, and Monnyu no Sato, a relaxingly quiet place near Monnyu Dam Lake where you can enjoy the surrounding mountains. These and many other sightseeing and recreation spots that make the best use of the bountiful surrounding nature can be found here in Sanuki City.

Also, Sanuki City is known as the “Last Leg of the Pilgrimage,” because it is home to the final three temples of the Shikokku 88 Temple Pilgrimage Circuit. These temples are Shidoji Temple (#86), Nagaoji Temple (#87), and Okuboji Temple (#88), which importantly serves as the circuit’s last destination. Sanuki City has cultivated a culture of o-settai (hospitality) and spiritual release, as it also maintains exchange facilities for the pilgrims walking the pilgrimage trail.